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what would you like to know about Cuba?

Better than it used to be, but it can still be difficult when eating out to find vegetarian food in Cuba. Often the choice is limited with cheese, pizzas, omelettes, pasta and seasonal fruit probably the safest bets. Congris the 'National Dish' appears the ideal for base for a vegetarian meal but the mixture of rice and beans is sometimes cooked with meat fat so its best to check beforehand. Paladars will often cook vegetarian dishes for you, especially if you go along beforehand and explain what you would like to eat.

..... Some suggested restaurants for the Vegetarian

Havana Old City

la dominca
Calle O'Reilly 108, esquina Mercaderes, Havana, La Habana Vieja.
Typical Italian Style Not 100% Vegetarian
Heart of the old city - opposite Ambos Mundos Hotel one block over - Pizzas and pasta dishes with veggie options and good street entertainment

El Biky
Calle San Lazaro, esquina a Infanta, Vedado, Havana
phone 7 879 6406
Buffet style - Not 100% Vegetarian

El Mercurio
Lonja del Comercio, Plaza San Francisco ,Havana Vieja
phone 7 860 6168
Situated on one of Havana’s loveliest squares surrounded by heritage buildings …. and the restaurant has a vegetarian menu

Al Medina
Calle Officios #12, entre Obisbo y Orapia, La Habana Vieja
phone 7 867 1041
Lebanese Restaurant with courtyard in the heart of the old city
Not 100% Vegetarian

Does also serves meat dishes but with veggie options available.

El Bambu

Carretera del Rocio Km 3, Calabazar, Arroyo Naranjo, Havana (at Jardin Botanico Nacional de Cuba )

Located near the Japanese garden.
Self service buffet with Vegetarian options, Cuban and International dishes, salads, rice and bean dishes.
Only normally opens lunchtime

El Romero
Terraza 170, Edificio 5, Las Terrazas, Candelaria, (at Las Terrazas eco village)
phone 537-6404375
Undoubtedly the best vegetarian restaurant in Cuba. Offers mostly organic cuisine made from a wide range of locally produce ingredients. English menu available.
Beer/Wine, Juice bar
Usually open 9:30-21:30 but best to check locally

At many of the All Inclusive hotels the food is buffet style and there is usually a large choice of different dishes including vegetarian options. Most hot dishes are meat based but buffet style food is available at all meal times usually with many different salads, rice and bean dishes, fruit and cheese. At breakfast freshly made omelettes are often available with a choice of vegetarian fillings

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