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what would you like to know about Cuba?

There are essentially two types of restaurant in Cuba State Restaurants and small, private Paladars. Both will only take payment in Convertible Pesos

tourist restaurants

State-run, tourist restaurants, can normally be discerned by their prominent locations and signage as well as the credit card stickers on the door - meals are normally between £10 and £20 although you can spend significantly more in Havana. The menu can be long and offer many choices but the reality can sometimes be different as many items can be unavailable. If you are short of cash and wanting to pay by credit card check before you sit down that paying by credit card is acceptable - even if they have stickers on the window

The main development in eating out in Cuba in the last few years has been the growth of Paladars which have sprung up in Havana and in towns and cities right across the island. Paladars are small, privately run restaurants with a theoretical maximum of 12 chairs. They are set up in people's gardens, living rooms, patios....anywhere in fact where there is sufficient space for a few tables and chairs. Paladars offer possibly the ultimate in Cuban home cooking and are normally very good value. Payment is strictly cash only with prices often slightly cheaper than in state-run restaurants. If you ask before ordering, they will often have items not on the menu while some will even cook-to-order if you visit earlier and let them know what you would like to eat.

eating at town and country hotels
In the towns and cities, we recommend that you book on a Bed and Breakfast basis and eat out wherever possible. Even where eating out might not be an practical option, it still makes sense to book on B&B and then pay for your meals separately.

eating at all Inclusive hotels
The majority of beach hotels in Cuba are run on an All Inclusive basis. These hotels will always have a main restaurant serving buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner - these will generally be operated on a theme basis with a different cuisine every night for a week - ie Italian, Cuban, Seafood, International. At the more expensive All Inclusive hotels there will also be one or more a la carte restaurants included in the price. In the ‘Places and Hotels’ section of our site there are details of the restaurants and bars etc that are included in the price at each of the all inclusive listed we feature.

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