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what would you like to know about Cuba?

It is rum that most often captures the imagination of visitors usually in the form of one of the cocktails for which the island is famous. Take your pick from a Daiquiri, Mojito, Cuba Libre or Cubanito amongst others. Rum is very cheap and to buy by the bottle Havana Club is about £4 a litre; the more discerning aged brands such as Havana Club 7 year old rum costs about £9 a litre.
The Casa del Ron y del Tabaco Calle Obispo e/ Bernaza y Monserrate in Old Havana has a wide selection of rum and cigars.
But a word of warning ONLY buy from an official store - then you know what you are drinking !

'Cristal' is one of the most popular local beers, produced in Holguin in Eastern Cuba it costs about 75 pence a can at a Tourist Store or £1 to £1.50 at a hotel. Hatuey, a beer produced in Havana and named after a famous Indian chief is also popular, especially in the west of the island.

Imported mainly from Spain or South America wines can be expensive in restaurants and there is often little to choose from. Through a joint venture with a Spanish company Cuba now produces its own wines under the 'Soroa' brand name. Named after the famous orchid gardens of Soroa the grapes are grown and the wine produced in Pinar del Rio province to the west of Havana. Prices range from about £3 to £6 per bottle or from £7 in restaurants and bars.

soft drinks
Fresh fruit drinks are hard to find outside of the hotel breakfast bars and the Cubans make do with their own versions of flavoured water. Fruit Juices are often mixed with milk and most are sweet, some very sweet. Some, especially in the east of the country are made from vegetables and do not necessarily agree with the western palate. Coke and Pepsi escape the US trade embargo by being imported from Mexico and other imported fizzy drinks such as Orangina and Sprite are available alongside their Cuban lookalike canned counterparts

Cuban coffee is also very good and is usually taken espresso style.

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