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what would you like to know about Cuba?

children and cuban food

Most beach hotels are All Inclusive and provide buffet as well a la carte options. There is usually something for even the fussiest palate!

Chicken is the most widely available meat dish (sometimes the only) and many restaurants offer versions of chicken with chips. At breakfast, which can be a child’s Cuban gastronomic event of the day, there’s usually toast, jams, eggs, cereal, fruit, fruit juices.. and cakes. Bottled water is widely available (it is cheapest to buy at a supermarket) and it is always advisable to have a bottle handy especially if travelling around with children.

From a child’s viewpoint perhaps the single most important difference between Cuba and home is that there are NO fast food restaurants. No Burger King, No McDonalds, No Kentucky Fried Chicken, No Pizza Express. So if you are planning a journey it is best to buy food at a hard currency (CUC) supermarket where you will find bread, biscuits, corn chips, some of the better known brands of imported packet food and bottled drinks (better and more economical than cans).
In towns, stalls sell pizza pieces and other snacks while throughout Cuba roadside stalls sell farm produce - depending on season many different fruits are available. The fruits are often pre peeled but fruit with the peel on can normally be rustled up in seconds.

travelling with infants
Tins and jars of baby food are unavailable in many places in Cuba. Nappies, toilet paper and baby wipes are also difficult to obtain in some places. So as a general rule take everything you need with you

we know almost all hotels in Cuba first hand and we will be very happy to discuss the most suitable hotels and travel arrangements for your family holiday

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