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what would you like to know about Cuba?

Train travel in Cuba is divided into four classes
Reservations are not available for many services and it is a matter of turning up one or two hours before the planned departure time to get a ticket. In some rural areas the 'train' consists of no more than a bus body fitted to a railway wagon chassis travelling at something slightly over a walking pace. Most local trains only have one class of travel so expect them to be crowded.

Primera Especial
As near as you can get to western standard first class - usually only available on the long distance ‘Tren Frances’

Only on the Long Distance 'Express' services and indicated by an 'E' on the timetable. Luxury class with air conditioned carriages and reclining seats, although smoking is permitted throughout. Reservations are essential.

Not really first class but slightly less crowded and better than the lowest category

Many local services only have Segunda, it is cheap and crowded It is best to take sandwiches and drinks with you as many of the services do not serve refreshments.

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