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Being such a large island means that domestic flights play an integral part in a great many holidays to Cuba and as a result efforts are being made to improve the local network both in terms of the flight options available and in the quality of service provided.

The map above shows the principal domestic routes in Cuba. Because of the
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distances involved and the shape of the country one way domestic flights prove very popular for touring itineraries.

Depending on your itinerary, flights within Cuba are likely to be with one of three carriers.

aerogaviota / solways
Clients travelling between Havana and Cayo Largo, Cayo Santa Maria or Cayo Coco / Guillermo will be usually be booked on a Solways charter service that includes door-to-door airport transfers at both ends. The majority of flights will be aboard modern western built ATR-42 aircraft

Cubana operate throughout the country using a mixed fleet of aircraft. Most flights between Havana and Santiago are now operated by Cubana.

Aerocaribbean are a new domestic airline operating principally between Havana and both Holguin and Baracoa in the east of the country. The vast majority of flights are operated by modern, western built aircraft.

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