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Just an hour and a half's drive from the city of Camaguey on Cuba's north coast is the small beach resort of Santa Lucia. Despite the huge increase in tourism to Cuba over recent years very little has changed in this sleeply little resort which is popular with scuba diving enthusiasts due to its proximity to the reef. Those more interested in simply relaxing on the beach will find that the beach at Santa Lucia compares favourably with any in Cuba. Just a few miles west of the main resort is an even better, completely deserted beach at Playa Los Cocos


Camaguey is largely flat, farming country and as such there are only a limited number of local excursions available from Santa Lucia. By far the most interesting trip from Santa Lucia is a visit to the city of Camaguey, one of the most pleasant in Cuba. As with any beach resort there are a number of water-based trips and excursions.


As Santa Lucia's hotels all operate on an All Inclusive basis there is very little demand for eating out. There are however a couple of good seafood restaurants at Playa Los Cocos

Getting There

There is 1 daily Cubana flight between Havana and nearby Camaguey. The only other way to reach Santa Lucia is by hire car. Many people choose to drive one way from Havana to Santa Lucia, drop their car in the resort and then fly back.


There are just 4 hotels in Santa Lucia, all lined in a row along the beach and facing out to sea. We feature the Cuatro Vientos which we feel is the best of the bunch by some way.

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