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Although Santa Clara lacks the beauty of many other Cuban towns it boasts its own pleasant colonial centre and is an ideal base fro which to explore the beautiful nearby town of Remedios. Due to its location, at the point where the main Havana to Santiago highway meets the southern road to Trinidad, Santa Clara is a popular stopping off point. For visitors interested in Cuban history, Santa Clara is also the final resting place of that most romantic of Cuban figures, Ernesto Che Guevara.


There are a number of moderate and usually deserted beaches, about 40 minutes drive from Santa Clara on the north coast. There are no tourist hotels as yet though food and drink can be picked up in the sleepy town of Caibarien.



Aside from the hotel restaurants, Santa Clara has it share of reasonably priced palladars in the town centre.

Getting There

Despite its size there is no domestic airport at Santa Clara. Although we can arrange private transfers to and from Santa Clara, 2 of 3 our featured hotels (Los Caneyes & La Granjita) are located outside the city so clients are largely stuck; by far the best way to visit the town therefore (other than on an arranged tour) is by hire car.


There are just the 2 hotels in the centre of town. The hotel America was re-opened in late 2012 after lengthy renovation and offers comfortable, moderate accommodation in a central location. The other hotel in town, the Santa Clara Libre, is best avoided. There are also 2 tourirst hotel on the outskirts of Santa Clara, La Granjita & Los Caneyes, with very little to choose between them. Alternatively, we also feature a number of casa particulars in Santa Clara that we can pre-book.

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