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Charter flights from around the world have long flown into Camaguey as their passengers head to the nearby beach resort of Santa Lucia. Few visitors seem to consider staying in Camaguey itself, a very pleasant colonial era city with a strong historical and cultural legacy and more than enough to keep visitors occupied for a day or more. Unlike the majority of Cuba's towns and cities, which operate on a grid system, Camaguey is a maze of streets and alleys heading off at odd angles and all the more interesting for it.


The nearest beaches to Camaguey are at Santa Lucia, just under 2 hours drive east of the city. See the separate section on Santa Lucia.



As with all Cuban towns and cities, Camaguey has its share of palladars. Asking around will help point you in the right direction though as with all palladars there is a substantial element of luck involved.

Getting There

Camaguey is connected to Havana by infrequent domestic flights with Cubana Airlines. From Camaguey we can also arrange a land transfer to the nearby beach resort of Santa Lucia as well as Santiago, Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad. However, most visitors to the city will be on a Fly Drive holiday as it is neccesary to overnight in Camaguey if one is driving the length of the island.


Camaguey has very little to offer in terms of accommodation choices, the best option by far being the charming Camino de Hierro hotel which is right in the city centre. As alternatives, both the Gran & Colon hotels are comfortable heritage style hotels, also in the centre. Alternatively, we also feature a number of casa particulars which we can pre-book.

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