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Located on the extreme south-eastern tip of the island, Baracoa is reputed to be the oldest colonial town in the Americas. Amongst frequent travellers to Cuba the town has also managed to garner a reputation as being the nearest equivalent to a Cuban Shangri-La, the town's remoteness making it probably the most relaxed town in Cuba and a great place to spend a few days soaking up the atmosphere. Away from the town itself, the region around Baracoa is one of the wettest on the island resulting in some of the greenest, most beautiful countryside in Cuba.


Some 25 minutes drive north of Baracoa is one of Cuba's loveliest beaches, Playa Maguana. Clients who wish to spend some time at the beach can stay at the 4 room Villa Maguana. Otherwise there is a small bar and restaurant on the public beach.


The main excursions in Baracoa are to one of the many rivers that dominate this region of Cuba, such as the Rio Toa or Rio Yumuri. Trips normally last half a day or more. Day trips to the beach at Playa Maguana are also on offer.


As with all Cuban towns there are a number of palladars where clients will find good value meals, often served in the strangest of establishments.

Getting There

There are currently flights to Baracoa from Havana every Thursday & Sunday. The inbound flight tends to arrive at 13:00 and then head back to Havana. We can also arrange private taxi transfers between Baracoa and either Santiago or Guardalavaca. Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange car hire collection or drop off in Baracoa.


There are 5 tourist hotels in Baracoa (all owned by the same company) 1 of which, the Porto Santo is actually located by the airport on the other side of the Bay, some 10 minutes drive from town. El Castillo used to be the only place to stay in town and, while it benefits from superb views, the hotel iself is in need of work. There are a couple of relatively recent additions in the centre of town, the best of which is La Habanera. Villa Maguana is a small 16 room hotel on the beach about 25 minutes drive north of town. In addition to hotel accommodation, we are also able to book clients casa particulars (rooms in private homes).

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