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National Parks and Biosphere areas

Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean stretching for 1300 kms from the western most tip of the Guanahacabibes peninsula to the far eastern and most tropical part of the island in the Humboldt National Park.

There are large tracts of Rainforest, the Caribbean’s largest wetlands area, high mountains in the far east of the island and offshore pristine Marine areas. To the west of Havana and within easy reach are two of the country’s most scenic protected areas, The Vinales Valley and the Sierra del Rosario biosphere area.

There are over 80 protected sites both on land and marine areas and Cuba is considered to one of the best Caribbean Islands for bird watching with over 350 different species recorded.

The suggested Itineraries in this section provide some ideas for holidays that provide the opportunities to visit some of Cuba’s most scenic and unspoilt countryside.

NP Guanahacabibes peninsula - NP Jardines de la Reina - NP Zapata Peninsula - NP Humboldt National Park – Baconao - Cuchillas del Toa - NP Granma National Park - NP Caguanes National Park - NP Turquino National Park - Sierra del Rosario - NP Sierra Cristal National Park- Bay of Buena Vista - NP Vinales Valley - Topes de Collantes - Mogotes de Jumagua

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